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How to Apply Serums, Oils and Concentrates in Your Skin Care Routine


Looking to get the most out of your products and active ingredients?

Serums, oils and concentrates are some of the most potent skincare formulas out there, so ensure you’re applying them properly to get the most bang for your buck! In general, you want to layer your products from lightest to heaviest for best results. 


What Are Serums, Oils and Concentrates?

With so many options to add to your skin care routine it can be confusing to decide which product(s) are best for you.

Facial Oils are rich in antioxidants and replenishing emollients and are designed to provide hydration and lock in moisture. Facial oils can be beneficial for all skin types (even oily) and should be applied as the final step before a moisturizer. 

Serums are lightweight treatments that contain a high concentration of active ingredients that target specific skin conditions and concerns (like fine lines and wrinkles). They are fast absorbing and are usually gel-like or watery in texture. 

Our favourite serum, the Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum, contains a blend of stabilized Vitamin C, citrus fruit oils, Vitamin C Salt, and Vitamin E, all to improve the appearance of skin health for younger-looking skin.

Concentrates are similar to serums in that they contain a potent amount of active ingredients. Unlike serums, which have a gel-like consistency, concentrates are lightweight lotions with both absorbent and protective qualities. They can be layered with serums and moisturizers, or simply used on their own.


How to Layer Serums, Oils and Concentrates

Once you decide which serum or oil is best for your skin type, you need to make sure you apply them in the correct order for maximum absorption and benefit. Try to limit your selection to one or two serums, oils and/or concentrates for effective absorption into the skin. 

We suggest applying your skin care products in order of thinnest consistency to heaviest. 

1. Serums - thinnest consistency and delivers active ingredients most efficiently

2. Concentrates

3. Oils - apply oils last because they are designed to prevent water loss and "seal" the formulations in the skin.


Layering Eminence Organics Serums, Oils and Concentrates


When to Apply Your Serums, Oils and Concentrates?

After cleansing and toning (or after masquing), begin with your facial serum by applying a thin layer (three or four drops) over your entire face and neck by gently pressing it into your skin.  You can use the same serum twice a day or apply one in the morning and a different one in the evening. Apply concentrates next and follow with your facial oil. *Note, Eminence products do not contain any ingredients that might create a barrier on the skin, so you are welcome to apply your facial oil before or after your moisturizer, or add a few drops into your moisturizer. If you are using other brands however, you should stick to the above layering recommendations and apply your moisturizer last. 




If you are ready to add these products to your skin care routine but not sure where to begin, we welcome you to book a complimentary skin consultation with our skin experts.  We have in-person and virtual options available. Simply click HERE to submit your booking request.

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