Luna Bronze: How to Choose the Right Product for You

Luna Bronze: How to Choose the Right Product for You

From gradual glow to express bronzing, Luna Bronze has your sunless tanning glow-up needs covered. Navigate below for how to find the best sunless tanning product for you.


It’s the perfect bronzing moisturizer to use every day, giving you a subtle, buildable glow that also hydrates your skin. Perfect for fair and medium skin tones, or those who just want a touch of that sun-kissed glow. Recommended if you are new to sunless tanning.



 A lotion just like GLOW, but gives you an INSTANT gorgeous glow, deepening over 12 hours to a luscious tan. Radiant is perfect for beginner and intermediate tanners and those who want an easy to apply, lotion-based tan that develops overnight. 



For fair to medium skin tones, Eclipse is a lightweight, non-sticky mousse with beautiful bronzey olive undertones (that’s right - no tangerine tans here!), developing over 6-8 hours. 

As with all Luna Bronze tanning mousses, Eclipse will need to be applied with the Luna Bronze Tanning Mitt to ensure an even application. 


 A darker option and is designed for medium to deep skin tones or those wishing to have a dark tan. Total Eclipse is an express tanning mousse, giving you an instant deep, rich glow that continues to develop in just 1-3 hours. Make sure you use a tanning mitt up for a spotless, streak-free tan.



A heavenly, refreshing face mist that gives you a buildable, ffortless and natural tan over 1-3 days. Spritz it on before your serum or moisturizer in the morning for the ultimate natural glow! 

Illume is great for someone with fair-light skin tones who are after natural, gradual results.


 Not only a face bronzing serum, but it also’s full of ingredients rich with natural antioxidants and Vit C, so your face gets brighter as it bronzes. Let Good Night work its magic overnight by applying it after your skincare - or get fancy and mix it in with your night cream - for a glow you can show off in the morning. 

Good Night puts you in control of your glow, with 1-3 drops giving light-natural results, while using 5-10 drops will develop a very bronzy complexion to the skin. This is perfect for all skin types who are after a glowier complexion. 


Here is Luna Bronze's quick go-to tanning guide depending on your skin type: 

Fair - Light Skin Tones: Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, Radiant Self Tanning Lotion, Illume Face Tanning Mist

Light - Medium Skin Tones: Radiant Self Tanning Lotion, Eclipse Tanning Mousse, Good Night Face Bronzing Serum 

Medium - Deep Skin Tones: Eclipse Tanning Mousse, Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse, Good Night Face Bronzing Serum


Get your glow on with the best fake tan in Canada with Luna Bronze!

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