Luna Bronze: Self Tanning Tips for Beginners

Luna Bronze: Self Tanning Tips for Beginners

Self-tanning can be intimidating to new tanners, especially if you've heard horror stories of the orange hue induced by many fake tanning products.  But have no fear! With it's olive undertones, Luna Bronze is here for you! We've got you covered with this step-by-step guide to create your natural-looking, even, gorgeous sun-kissed glow using Luna Bronze self tanning products.

Step 1: Exfoliate to prep your skin

Give your Luna Bronze self tanner a smooth base by exfoliating to clear away dead skin cells, and shaving (or waxing) 24 hours before applying the self tanner. This will ensure your pores are closed so you won't end up with tanner-filled dots. Pay extra attention to smooth out rough spots on elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Step 2: Hydrate!

Avoid a build up of tan on dry areas by immediately applying moisturizer after exfoliating and shaving. TIP: Apply a light layer of moisturizer to your wrists, so your tan blends in seamlessly with no harsh lines.

Step 3: Get you glow on!

Although a tanning mitt isn't necessary if you use Radiant or Glow Gradual tanning lotions, we do recommend it. The Luna Bronze Tanning Mitt gives you a streak-free, glow-all-over, perfect for tan every time and is a MUST USE if you are using Eclipse or Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse. Can't reach your back? Seek help from your partner or friends, or if going solo use the Luna Bronze Back Applicator! If you're a risk taker and prefer not to use a tanning mitt make sure you wash your hands well after applying your tan.  Trust us.



We do recommend first timers use Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturizer for its easy-to-use gradual tanning properties. You'll be able to slowly build until you reach your desired tan colour. Eclipse Tanning Mousse is also great for beginners -its color-guide technology lets you see where the product has been applied so you can instantly repair any patches.


Luna Bronze Sunless Tanner


Ever seen someone with a beautiful glowing tan on their body but they failed to apply tan to their face? Ugh, us too. Enter: Good Night Face Bronzing Serum - simply apply to cleansed skin before you sleep and wake up with with a gorgeous natural glow.  OR add a gradual glow to your face with Illume Face Tanning Mist that will give you an effortless and natural tan over 1-3 applications.


Luna Bronze Illume Face Tanning Mist


Step 4: Wait for it...

Now it's time to rest and wait! After letting your tanner completely dry, wear dark, loose fitting clothing and wait 6-8 hours for your tan to develop. Do try to avoid any activities that will make you sweat as this can streak the tan. After 6-8 hours, hop into the shower to rinse away any residual colour guide, then pat dry. Your tan will continue to darken for 24 hours. 

Step 5: Maintenance

Maintain your beautiful glow by applying Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturizer daily. Want to shed your tan and start fresh? Exfoliate to remove old product and repeat steps 1-5 above. 

If you're seeking for a self-tanner that is gentler on the skin, offers more hydration, and uses kinder ingredients than your typical products, you've found it. Luna Bronze's line of sunless tanning products is nourishing to the skin and not irritating. Designed with skin-friendly, natural, and organic components that moisturize skin and stop it from drying out, all while giving you a healthy glow. 





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