Revive7 Lash Serum is the Answer for Longer, Darker, Fuller Eyelashes

Revive7 Lash Serum is the Answer for Longer, Darker, Fuller Eyelashes

Here’s how to get them with Revive7 Revitalizing Lash & Brow Serum


Since we've been wearing face masks, there's no denying that lash services in the beauty industry have grown in popularity. Many of us have been desiring long, fluttery lashes to bring more attention to smiling with our eyes because we are unable to express our beautiful smiles. While eyelash extensions have become one of the most popular trends in the beauty business, many people are opting for a less time-consuming and less expensive method to thicken and enhance their natural lashes. Lash serums, which are designed to strengthen, lengthen, and volumize lashes, have never been more popular.

Revive7 Revitilizing Lash and Brow Serum

Revive7 is Non-Toxic

Revive7 Revitlizing Lash & Brow Serum, created by Revive7 Science, was the first lash and brow serum to hit the Canadian market and has swiftly established itself as the most trusted lash and eyebrow growth serum in Canada. Revive7 lash serum's safe, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free recipe comprises only 7 ingredients and is free of harmful ingredients like Biamtoprost, Latanoprost, Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. With daily use, essential peptides, vitamins, and botanicals increase the health, thickness, and fullness of lashes and brows in just 7-21 days.


Before and After Revive7 Revitalizing Lash & Brow Serum

How to Use Revive7 Revitlizing Lash & Brow Serum

It's that easy! To disperse the nourishing lash serum, gently shake the tube. Apply the lash serum to the eyelid line and/or eyebrows once or twice a day on freshly washed  skin. It's up to you whether you want to use it on the top lash line, bottom lash line, or both.



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Do you have more questions about Revive7? Reach out to us.  We love hearing form you!


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