What is Conscious Beauty?

What is Conscious Beauty?

A ritual is deliberate, purposeful, and intentional. Putting on makeup is an automatic act, a routine, for many of us. Elate Cosmetics thinks that when the action is more important than the result, everyday routine becomes ritual. Elate believes that the essential beauty of a ritual is found in the rite itself. The simple acts of self-care we perform on a daily basis are the seeds of self-love we plant in order to become more confident, strong, and beautiful than we ever imagined.

The mindful beauty movement revolves around Elate. They think that neither animal or human should ever be harmed in the production of cosmetics. Inattention, not cruelty, is the opposite of kindness, and Elate is paying attention. To the firms with whom they collaborate, the ingredients they select, and the manner Elate's products are promoted. Never with fear or humiliation, but always with kindness. Know that you are a complete and perfect being, and that as an Elate partner, we are here to help you on your path to a more deliberate lifestyle and mindful beauty bag.


*extracted from resources written by Elate Cosmetics.

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