Eminence Organics Products with Retinol


      Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A, an antioxidant that is essential for healthy eyes and skin. Because the body cannot produce this vitamin on its own, it needs to be supplied by diet and/or topical skincare. It is often added to anti-aging products for its ability to promote skin cell turnover, build collagen, fight free radicals and erase fine lines and wrinkles. 

      Retinol Benefits: 

      • Removes dead skin cells
      • Clears congestion
      • Shrinks large pores
      • Smooths uneven skin texture
      • Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles
      • ​Keeps skin firm and plump
      • ​Fades dark spots

      Retinol Side Effects: regular use of synthetic retinol can cause the following side effects:

      • Dryness
      • Peeling 
      • Redness
      • Itching
      • Irritation
      • UV sensitivity

      Most dermatologists advise that you skip retinol if you suffer from rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

      Natural Retinol Alternative

      You can reap the benefits of retinol - and skip its side effects - by opting for a natural, botanical-based alternative. Eminence Organics Natural Retinol Alternative is a complex that mimics the effect of chemical retinol by appearing to lift and tighten the skin. It improves skin firmness and elasticity and minimizes the visible signs of aging caused by free radical damage. Unlike synthetic Vitamin A, this alternative is derived from chicory root and tara tree extract, two natural compounds that provide the same results as conventional retinol - without the downtime.